Parent Handbook

Due to very popular demand we are delighted to offer you an editable version of our Parent Handbook. As you are all aware evidence of communication and partnership with parents is an important aspect of both the Tusla and DES inspections.

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Your Customised Parent Handbook

  1. Children’s Charter
  2. Our Purpose
  3. Our Facilities
  4. What you Should Bring for your Child
  5. Curriculum
  6. Homework Policy
  7. Summer Camp
  8. Admission and Enrolment
  9. Clothing
  10. Allergies
  11. Attendance
  12. Children with Additional Needs
  13. Fees
  14. Working in Partnership with You
  15. Settling In
  16. Attendance, Arrival and Collection
  17. Car Parking
  18. Comments and Complaints
  19. Confidentiality
  20. Equal Opportunities
  21. Supporting Positive Behaviour
  22. Observations and Assessments
  23. Health and Safety
  24. Child Protection
  25. Healthy Eating
  26. Outings
  27. Outdoor Play
  28. Risk Play
  29. Internet and Multi-Media
  30. Security
  31. Accidents and Incidents
  32. Illness and Exclusions
  33. Medication
  34. Fire Safety
  35. Photographs and Other recordings
  36. Data Protection
  37. Staff
  38. Withdrawal from the Service
  39. Privacy Statement

This publication, which has been written for you, is designed to assist you develop a tailor-made professional handbook specifically aimed at the parents and guardians that use your service. You decide on the exact contents that accurately reflect the services you provide and the ethos of your unique Early Years service.

In order to help with the style of the presentation we have provided a wide range of cover designs for you to choose from or you can keep it reasonably plain, whatever is your preference

You simply edit the information to suit your service and print or send via email to parents and guardians. To make this editing process even easier we include a guide for you which should answer any questions you may have.

Some services may prefer to have the customising and editing process done by Canavan Byrne Childcare on their behalf. If this option suits you, then just select this at checkout and you will be contacted by one of our expert staff to do this for you.

There are many advantages to having a Parent Handbook

  • It welcomes parents as partners
  • It will help you engage parents in their child’s learning and social development
  • It helps you comply with regulation
  • You present your service in a professional manner
  • It is an excellent marketing tool
  • Key messages are shared in a coherent and clear language, avoiding any
  • It prevents conflict as it sets out your terms in relation to areas like fees and
  • Parents sign agreement to the terms set out in the Parent Handbook
  • You can add any messages or information at any time, which keeps the
    publication up to date

Cost €75 for DIY version. If you wish us to develop the Handbook for you it will cost €150

You may also like to look at our Parents Pack which is a great guide when new children start in your service. It covers all the important terms and conditions and forms the basis for the contract parents are required to sign. This also facilitates parents to provide important feedback to you when their child leaves your service which can be for a wide variety of reasons. You can then use this feedback to improve your service.


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