New Year Starter Bundles: Special offer this Summer only!

We're excited about our New Year Starter Bundles and we've been getting great feedback from the Early Years services on these.

The bundles include Aistear stickers, roll books and My Learning Journey scrapbooks to get you ready to get started for the new school year.

Aistear Stickers are a great way to easily mark observations, notes, artwork, projects, photos and pictures with their corresponding Aistear Theme, Aim and Goal. Our customers love using these along with the Learning Journey scrapbooks.

My Learning Journey scrapbooks are used to collect observations, drawings, work, and photos of each child as they make their journey through the next year. At the end of the year My Learning Journey makes a wonderful gift for families. These are big A3 booklets with heavier card covers, a clear pocket on the front for the child's photo and 20 blank heavy sheets to fill with the year's experiences.

Children's Roll Book is a must-have for every early years service. It features a full year within one book, the facility to record contact details and collection authorisation for parents/guardians, daily roll for up to 27 children, and transition sheets to track children transitioning between rooms (we supply one of each, you can pull out and photocopy if more copies are needed). Keeping a roll book will help with your compliance with early years and fire regulations.

We have 3 different sizes of starter bundles for you to choose from. Select the bundle that comes closest to meeting your needs and then top up with additional Learning Journeys or Children's Roll Books if you need more.

Pick up your New Year Starter Bundles now and get some great free extras! Order the Midi bundle and receive FREE Back to School Curriculum Plans, or order the Mega bundle and receive FREE Back to School Curriculum Plans and a lovely 1-metre WELCOME banner at no extra charge.

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