Back To School Curriculum Plans



Back to School is such an exciting time in your Early Years service. It’s a totally new experience for many of the children and the staff. For many of the children just starting in their early years education, it’s the very beginning of having an independent life outside the family! For everyone at the beginning of every year there will be new faces and new experiences coming. And for all of us, it’s all about “getting to know you” and getting to know ourselves. All of the Aistear themes are relevant at this time, particularly Identity and Belonging.

Our Back to School Curriculum Plan Pack was put together by Canavan Byrne, the early years experts. The pack contains 30+ activities and games to explore this exciting time and get to know one another. Every activity is correlated with Aistear Themes and learning areas. Remember that the way the Aistear framework is meant to be used in your setting is to observe where the children’s play and exploration takes them and then use these observations to plan for future follow-up activities. The games and activities we provide are an easy starting point but the best early years education will be led by the children’s interests themselves.

This pack includes these activities:

  • Getting Started
  • Our Class Puzzle
  • Who Is The Tallest
  • Find Someone Who…
  • Catch Carly
  • Worry Box
  • Looking Back On Summer
  • Spot The Difference
  • Explore Names
  • Center Tour
  • Dear Diary
  • Diversity Demonstration
  • Class Bowling
  • Family Match
  • Guess Who
  • Who Is That
  • This Is Me
  • First Week Letter
  • Musical Me
  • How Would You Feel
  • Feast Fun
  • Guess Who Additional Idea
  • Childrens Noticeboard
  • Back To School – Class Cookbook
  • Family Tree
  • If Youre Happy And You Know It

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