Medical Care Plans – Essential Records for your Service!

It is essential to have the correct and relevant medical records in place for the care of individual children at your service who may have conditions such as asthma, a nut allergy or eczema or a more serious condition such as Epilepsy, Diabetes or Cystic Fibrosis.

The Tusla Quality and Regulatory Framework

The Tusla Quality and Regulatory Framework outlines that 'children with additional health care need to have a medical care plan in place so that they get the required quality of care and treatment if and when necessary'. Having accurate, accessible, and clear medical care plans in place for children with medical conditions is an essential component of a service’s quality, care and compliance standards. Not only do these ensure that the required quality of care and treatment is received, but also that staff are fully aware, prepared, and capable of administering correct care and treatment of a child with an allergy or medical condition. A care plan is unique to each child and requires specific relevant information and consent. Each care plan has been created by Canavan Byrne and comes with a cover sheet (for GDPR protection when posted in the service), a sample Letter to Parent, a Medical Risk Assessment and Consent form, all the information (including illustrations) on the medical condition itself and the treatment required, as well as a Medical Administration and Consent template containing all the required information fields. When you purchase any care plan you also receive an Allergy Alert Notice and Cover Sheet. Individual care plans may also be required for a child suffering from a mild or serious allergy, depending on the nature of the allergy and any specific treatment required. It is very important that the Care plan is done with guidance from both the child’s parents and their own GP (where necessary).

Individual Plans or Mega-Bundle

Individual Medical Care Plans are available from the Early Years Shop Medical and Health Forms product category, including two new plans developed recently by Canavan Byrne: Infant Reflux GERD Care Plan and Paediatric Stoma Record and Care Plan. The Infant Reflux Care Plan is used where a baby suffers from reflux and needs to have a care plan in place to support the baby. The Paediatric Stoma Care Plan supports children who require additional care for a ‘stoma bag’ or ‘colostomy bag’ so as to ensure comfort, dignity, hygiene and infection control measures are maintained to the highest possible standards. The Canavan Byrne team is constantly reviewing and updating medical plans to be sure that services are up to date with the latest information and guidelines around children’s health.

To ensure you are prepared, take a look at the Medical Care Plan Mega-Bundle - this pack includes all 27 medical care plans for a savings of over €150! And remember - Early Years Resource Factory members receive an additional 15% off this price.

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