Monthly Curriculum Planning Pack for November

In November we see different occasions such as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Diwali and Thanksgiving being celebrated all over the world in different cultures. Although these particular celebrations may not be hugely observed in Ireland there will still be communities who will celebrate them. This is a great opportunity to explore the theme of Diversity with the children in your classroom. As young children begin their school days they will learn that their peers will have a wide variety of abilities, cultures, languages and backgrounds. It is natural for children to notice similarities and differences between themselves and their friends and it is important to encourage children to celebrate them. In our November Curriculum Planning Pack we have included some great Diversity activities that you can do this month to help children understand the differences in people and how they should be celebrated. 

We have also included some great activities from the Autumn Pack that you can do with the children. Encouraging children to notice the changes around them helps them to recognise what Autumn is and also to make sense of their world. This can be the change in the weather, falling leaves, pine cones and acorns as well as warmer foods and clothes. Aistear’s Theme ‘Exploring and Thinking’ Aim 1 states ‘Children will learn about and make sense of the world around them’. The Learning Goals of this Aim are to ‘Develop an understanding of change as part of their lives’ and to ‘Learn about the natural environment and its features, materials, animals, and plants and their own responsibility as carers’. 

What better way to link in with these Aistear Themed Learning Goals than to use what is outside the front door to engage with the children. Go outside and look for the changes, from the leaves on the ground to the pine cones, horse chestnuts and acorns falling from the trees. The children can listen out for the rustle of the wind in the trees and the crunching of leaves under their feet. They will notice they need warmer layers as it gets colder. The children can be observed during this time and the children’s emerging interests should be used to guide your future curriculum planning. 

As preschoolers get older they may start to think of things beyond their own world. They will wonder about the sky and what might be beyond the clouds. In your classroom you can help the children to start thinking about Space including the different planets, the sun, the moon, the stars and of course astronauts and other life forms! This will feed their curiosity and open them up to a new world beyond their own! In the November Pack we have included some great activities from the Outer Space Curriculum Plan Pack that you can use for your Space Theme to encourage the children to explore a new world beyond their own! 

  • November: The 11th Month of the year, 30 Days
  • Flowers: Chrysanthemum
  • Weather: Declining temperatures, rain, wind
  • Birthstone: Topaz and Citrine

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