Celebrating Difference Resource Pack


Celebrating Difference Resource Pack is a great way to join the children in your service to explore and celebrate differences, to think about our preconceptions about gender, difference in ability, ethnicity and other differences. Through ten lessons, children can learn to avoid stereotypes and prejudice.

Our resource pack help build a library of resources to enable educators respond to the emerging learning needs of children.

As Ireland grows more diverse, our early years services also grow more diverse. Part of providing a safe and nurturing environment is to foster inclusivity for all children; and an important part of learning about how to accept one another is to think about how to accept differences in others just as we need to be accepted for our own ways of being different!

These activities should be a jumping-off point for the children to explore their own ideas and games around these areas. Observe what the children are interested in and use this as a basis for future curriculum plans and activities - this is one of the core principles of the Aistear framework. The activities in Celebrating Difference are each labeled with the relevant Aistear themes, aims, and goals as well as the relevant SĂ­olta Standard.

A comprehensive guide to diversity & equality education can be sourced
through the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Charter & Guidelines for Early Childhood Care & Education. DCYA 2016.

The activities in Celebrating Difference:

  • Same & Different
  • I am Me!
  • All Kinds of Families, Families of all Kinds
  • Diversity through Story
  • Different Ways of Being in the World
  • A Rainbow of Friends
  • Washing Baby Dolls
  • Guess Who I Am
  • Puzzle Me Up
  • 'Welcome' Poster in All Languages
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