Learning Journey Book Offer Extended!

Have you seen our latest Learning Journey Book Offer on the Early Years Shop? Purchase 22 My Learning Journey Books and receive one set of Group Learning Journals for FREE! Our Group Journal Bundle is made up of five individual group journals.

Each Group Learning Book is a a large A3 sized scrapbook and can be used to add children's artwork, observations, or any other relevant materials on the them of that journal. Each journal has a beautifully illustrated cover by Oliver Moore and Stephanie Morley.

These books can be used to document group learning in a classroom. All of the 5 books link to Aistear's four themes and include the following topics; Where I Live, Friends Together, Starting Big School, Birthdays and Christmas.

Reasons to Engage with Documentation in the Early Years

There are many reasons to engage fully with documentation in an early years setting. Just as many services now prepare a Journey Book for each child in the service, many are also using Group Learning Journals to document group exploration of various themes.  There are many excellent reasons to engage fully with documentation in the early years including:

  • An opportunity to demonstrate a quality curriculum provided on a daily basis.
  • Continuous relationship building with parents, guardians and the children.
  • A chance to measure the progress and achievements of each child.
  • Meets regulatory requirements for documenting and demonstrating this during a DES or Tusla inspection.
  • Promotes the early years setting to future families.
  • Acts as a reflective tool in getting to know and understand the children and the effectiveness of the curriculum in meeting children's needs.
  • Information gathered can be used to future plan and to record progress that has already been made.
  • Documentation can become part of induction training for new employees.

Documentation brings to life the extraordinary learning which occurs on an average day in an early-years setting. The vision, creativity and passion of an educator will be visible for all to see. With this great offer you have the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

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