Celebrating World Food Day with a Delicious Offer!

On this World Food Day, we want to salute all the amazing educators who play a vital role in nourishing young minds. Families depend on your service to provide their children with nutritious, delicious food. 🍎👦👧 That’s why we’re thrilled to promote our Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack, available in our Early Years Shop. 🥦📚

🌟 What’s in the Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack? 🌟

  • ·         A customisable Healthy Eating Policy document tailored for your service 📝
  • ·         32 fantastic recipes that make healthy meals exciting and fun 🍽️📖
  • ·         13 sample weekly menu plans to take the guesswork out of meal planning 📅🍴

We understand the importance of promoting a healthy relationship with food from a young age. That’s why we commissioned Sarah Keogh, a renowned nutritionist, to develop these meal plans and recipes specifically for the early years sector. 🍽️🍏

Order your pack today and let’s continue to provide the best for the little ones we cherish. 📦💖

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