Black Friday Special: Free Aistear Stickers and Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheets

At the Early Years Shop, we are celebrating Black Friday Week this year! Our one-week special starting Black Friday (November 23) is for a FREE pack of our very popular Aistear Stickers (20 sheets, 480 stickers total) and 25 Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheets. For every order over €100 on the shop, we will include this special pack for free and with no charge for delivery! Your free products total €25 in value.

Our Observation Sheets are printed on 120gsm (high quality) paper and are a great help in recording observations of each child’s play and exploration. The Aistear observation sheets are correlated to Aistear themes with space for follow-up plans. The Montessori observation sheets are correlated both to Aistear and to Montessori learning areas.

Aistear Stickers are a quick way to document correlation to the Aistear framework for curriculum. Keep the list of Aistear themes, aims and goals close to hand, circle the appropriate aim and goal on the colour-coded themed stickers, stick it onto whatever you need to mark: Aistear assessments/observation, children's artwork, photographs, learning journals, stories and scrapbooks.

Help parents to understand by displaying the Aistear learning themes, aims and goals in front of the child's learning journal and on the wall. Our Learning Journey scrapbooks include a handy guide to the Aistear themes in the inside cover.

We offer Aistear Stickers as Gaeilge as well! Just make a note on your order that you need your stickers as Gaeilge and we're happy to oblige. Also note that if you require observation sheets for Montessori, please note this or we will just supply the Aistear observation sheets (without Montessori learning areas).

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