New Biting Support Pack Now Live On The Early Years Shop!

Due to a high level of queries in relation to biting the Canavan Byrne team have put together a Biting Support Pack. The pack contains a parent booklet and a policy on biting. The parent booklet includes a customised cover page where you can insert your service name (if desired) and the biting policy can be added to your behaviour policy. Biting is a developmental stage that children may go through and happens in almost all childcare settings where there are young children together. All incidents of biting are upsetting for children and should be dealt with in a calm and clear manner. Having a biting policy in place ensures that everyone understands their responsibilities if biting occurs. Parents and guardians will have read and understood the policy and staff will have received training on the policy. 

Biting Support Pack: The Parent Booklet

The main purpose of The Parent Handbook is to provide parents with the following:

  1. Information and understanding of the reasons why young children bite.
  2. Ideas and strategies to help prevent biting in young children.
  3. Information & advice on how to respond appropriately and support children who bite and are bitten.
  4. Strategies that should not be used when children bite.

The parent booklet should be made available for all parents/guardians of children attending your service, regardless of whether biting has occurred or not. 

Biting Support Pack: The Biting Policy

The Biting Policy is a document that you can add to your Behaviour Policy. The document outlines what procedures you have in place;

  • for the prevention of biting.
  • to follow when biting occurs.
  • to support the child that has been bitten.
  • to support the child that has bitten.
  • that follow a biting incident. 

The document should be read by all parents/guardians of children attending your service and staff should be given appropriate training in relation to biting and the policy in place for biting. The Biting Support Pack is now available on The Early Years Shop. Once you place your order you will receive an email with a downloadable link giving you immediate access to the policy for you to edit and have in place for your service, as well as the informational booklet for parents with your customised cover.

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