Biting Support Pack


Includes complete 9-pg Biting Risk Assessment

The Biting Support Pack contains a policy for your service as well as an informational booklet for parents. To customise the cover with the name of your service, please click the CUSTOMISE BOOKLET COVER button below.



Biting Support Pack now available on the Early Years Shop! This is in response to a high level of queries about biting received by the Canavan Byrne team. The pack contains a policy on biting and an an informational parent booklet. This booklet can be customised so that you can add a custom cover with your service name.

In addition, the pack includes Reasons I Might Bite Visual Aid Poster. This poster translates policy into an accessible, visual and colourful poster to support practitioners. This poster can be hung in care rooms as a visual aid for practitioners on the whys around biting. It shows a picture of a baby with 5 speech bubbles showing what a child might be feeling. This visual aid can assist practitioners without having to refer to what may be a bulky policy each time they need to.

The purpose of the booklet is to provide parents with:

  1. Information and understanding of the reasons why young children bite.
  2. Ideas and strategies to help prevent biting in young children.
  3. Information & advice on how to respond appropriately and support children who bite and are bitten.
  4. Strategies that should not be used when children bite.

The Biting policy can be added to your Behaviour Policy. Remember all EYRF members receive a 15% discount on the Biting Support Pack and all form packs, tool kits and policies on the Early Years Shop!

Remember our Early Years Resource Factory members receive a 15% discount on this pack

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