Bigger, Brighter, Better Early Years Shop

You may have noticed some changes recently to the Early Years Shop website. We have reorganised our product categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for as well as brightening up the look and feel of the Shop to make it better and more pleasant to navigate! Please let us have your comments about our new Shop and any suggestions on how we could make it even better.

We also have updated our Search functionality to give you a one-click tool to quickly and easily get to what you're looking for. With hundreds of products on the shop, we think the Search tool will often be your easiest way to get to the product you need.

We will be making sure we have an informative news post once a month minimum, and we will also be providing a great Thursday Tip every second Thursday and continuing with our very popular Friday Freebie every second Friday!

We are continuing our commitment to consistently provide new and useful products for your early years service. Along with our partners, Canavan Byrne Childcare, the Early Years experts, we are ensuring that all our products continue to be compliant with updates to regulations to take the worry out of inspections for your service.

Our top products have been getting great sales and feedback from early years services across Ireland. My Learning Journey, our oversized A3 scrapbook to chart the child's journey through the year, is probably currently our most popular product. Our Aistear Stickers continue to be very popular and we have had many services avail of our great bundle deals on packs containing My Learning Journey books, Roll Books, and Aistear Stickers.

To help you make use of the Aistear Framework for Curriculum, we are now offering Aistear and Montessori Observation Sheets. Keep these on hand in each room to make it easy and quick to record your observations of individual children's interests expressed through their play and exploration. Try to ensure that you record a minimum of one observation per child per month. These observations will then aid you in deciding next steps for providing curricula to help the children explore their interests further. This is the cornerstone of the Aistear Framework.

Our observation sheets go really well with Aistear Stickers. When you purchase observation sheets, consider adding a pack of Aistear Stickers and get a substantial discount!

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