Internet photo and recording policy pack


The Early Years Resource Factory gives you unlimited access to create, edit and produce all printables, records and notices you may require for your service.

It also gives you access to a growing library of curriculum plans and activities for all age groups from 0-6 with observation sheets for documenting your observations for each child. You can also produce your own monthly newsletter to communicate with parents.



Keeping paperwork in order is essential to the smooth running of any business. Ensuring that you have permission for taking photos and ensuring that employees are aware of your rules for using mobile phones is important and ensures that children are protected.The Mobile Phone & Camera toolkit will aim to provide guidance on best practice for managing the risks associated with mobile phones and cameras.This toolkit has been designed to support childcare providers to comply with Regulations of the Preschool (Childcare Services) Regulations (2006)

Editing the Documents

In order for the samples to be tailored to your childcare service, site specific information may be required to ensure that the policy reflects the service you provide and the procedures followed. Make sure that where you refer to staff in the policy you use their correct title for example do you call staff Early Years Practitioners, Childcare Workers, Montessori Assistants, Stiúrtheoir or Teachers etc? And that you refer to your ‘service’ correctly for example do you prefer to be referred to as a school, preschool, playgroup, creche, childcare service, Montessori, Naíonra?

Finalising the Document

  • Check the spacing between paragraphs and bullet points.
  • Check to make sure you are happy with the content, layout etc.
  • Save the word document and name it including the date.
  • Save the document in PDF format so it cannot be changed or amended by any one that does not have permission to do so.
  • Staff should have access to all your policies and should sign off to say that they have read them.
  • It is recommended that you have at least one printed copy in your service for staff, Tusla Early Years Inspectors and for parents to read (if requested).


  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Camera and Photo Use Policy
  • Parents Photo Consent
  • Social Media Photo Consent
  • Children’s Records and Learning Journals Photo Consent
  • Social Media and Mobile Phone Agreement
  • No Mobile Phones Sign
  • No Photography Sign
  • Agreements re: photographs and video

Additional information