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New Shape Detectives curriculum plan

We are continuing our contribution to early years education of basic maths concepts with our new Curriculum Plan: Shape Detectives. We have ideas for activities and ideas around not only shapes but also fundamental concepts essential to the way we use mathematics to understand the world. We explore ideas of sorting, measuring, comparing quantities and […]

Key Worker Approach is Recommended for your Early Years Service

Every child deserves to be special to someone and the Key Worker Approach recognises this. Using Key Workers in your early years service is recommended by early years education experts and organisations worldwide as an important methodology in providing a secure, nurturing environment within which the child can feel confident exploring their relationship to the […]

Friday Freebie: Cleaning in Progress Sign

This Friday, we are offering a downloadable “Cleaning in Progress – Wet Floor” sign that you can print out and use to help create a safe environment in your service. This sign is part of the Kitchen Pack available from the Early Years Shop. The Kitchen Pack includes notices and records including cleaning records, food […]

New Curriculum Plan: Maths through Play

Numeracy is essential in early years education. With the new curriculum plan Maths through Play, the Early Years Resource Factory will help you introduce numeracy and basic maths concepts to the children in your service. The Importance of Literacy and Numeracy We are all aware of the importance of promoting literacy at all ages, beginning […]

Simple tips on Ensuring Safety and Efficiency of Heating in Your Service

It is essential that you make sure your radiators, boilers and heaters are working efficiently this winter. And even more important, you need to make sure they are running safely for the safety of staff and children. This is also an important part of being prepared for inspection. Here are a few important tips for […]

Funky Feet: Award Winner for the Last 4 Years!

Funky Feet: Award-winning series of interactive music and dance CDs available on the Early Years Shop. Great tool to help with developing fundamental skills in the early years setting. Not to mention FUN for your kids and staff. Get moving, get dancing, have fun learning through rhythm, dance and role play. Funky Feet’s Going on […]

Presents for Teachers

While the Irish economy may be improving a little families are still struggling and are in debt. “Today across Ireland, one child in eight is living in consistent poverty. The reality behind this statistic is stark: this Christmas there are children in your community going to bed hungry or waking up in cold homes, and […]

Inspection Tip: Safe Access and Egress

Today’s Inspection Tip will help you with your health and safety policy and procedures. Employers must ensure that employees, children and parents always have a safe access and egress to and from the service. This should be built into your Health & Safety Statement, which of course is a requirement of the Child Care 1991 […]

This Week’s Friday Freebie: Tired Teddy Bears Activity

For this week’s Friday Freebie we’re happy to share an activity from our Hibernation Curriculum Plans: Tired Teddy Bears. This is a great activity idea where the children set their teddy bears up to hibernate for the winter. Be sure to download Tired Teddy Bears soon as next week it will be gone and we’ll […]

Two Great New Products on the Early Years Shop: Wooden Letter Set and Feely Bag

Wooden Letter Set Our new wooden letter set is a complete set of the alphabet cut out of wood, with extras of vowels and some other common letters to make it easier to spell out words. Learning by Touch Many early years educators believe in trying to integrate the different senses in learning. We feel […]

Preparing for the Early-Years Education-Focused Inspections

How We Can Help! The Early-Years Education-Focused Inspections, like all other inspections, are evidence based. The inspectorate at the Department of Education and Science are responsible for these inspections. The purpose of the inspections is to is to evaluate the nature, range and appropriateness of the early educational experiences of children participating in the government […]

Are You Ready for Inspection? Document accident risk assessment with our new Friday Freebie: Accident Risk Assessment Report

Feedback from recent Tusla inspections shows that providers should be risk assessing any accidents to prevent re-occurrence. We are delighted to say that this is incorporated in our Accident & Incident Form and always has been. For those using other systems we have developed this separate form that can be used. Remember to link it […]

Fun, Interactive Irish Language Learning with An Mála Mór

Whether your service is a Naoínra or an English-language service, children of all ages are ready to start learning Irish. The best way to learn (especially to learn a language) is through interaction and having fun! Our An Mála Mór stories are a great way to get into interacting around Irish. Use the stories as […]

Friday Freebie: “Lets Pretend for All Ages”

(some thoughts on Christmas and Santa Claus) We’ve been thinking a lot about the important part dressing-up and role-play take in the lives of children (and grown-ups sometimes!) because Halloween is coming up. There’s another holiday coming up that has a tradition of playing “let’s pretend” – Christmas! We’ve all had the discussions about how […]

Why Do We Dress Up at Halloween?

From children dressing up to go trick-or-treating to grown-ups going to costume parties, everyone can have a bit of fun dressing up at Halloween. But why do we dress up at this time of year? Wearing costumes at festival times or “mumming” goes back before recorded history in cultures around the world. In the past, […]

Early Years Practitioner Job Description

Our latest Friday Freebie is a sample Job Description for an Early Years Practitioner. We recommend all services download it from the Early Years Shop today! As you know, under the new Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016  it is a requirement to have clearly documented roles and responsibilities for your staff. […]

Record Keeping Tips

Keeping your records up to date is an important part of running an early years service. We have developed a number of compliance forms packs to help and guide you. Check out or email Remember! Do spot checks to ensure records are always current, up to date and properly completed (all details) Ensure […]

Special Offer!

We have been very busy updating all our records on The Early Years Shop to ensure they are fully compliant with the latest requirements as outlined in the new regulations. Our record keeping forms will keep you right on track by helping you to collect all the information you need to run a professional and […]

The Early Years Shop Summer Sale!

The award-winning Ceol ‘Step into Music’ programme is now on sale for just €60. Normally €90, the pack is growing in popularity so we’re offering this discount until 31 August 2016. Give your preschool the competitive edge with this award-winning and high-quality early years music curriculum. This extensive programme includes: 28 weeks of scripted lesson […]

Aistear Stickers in English and Irish!

Aistear Stickers are a fantastic way of labeling children’s information. Aistear assessments/Observations Artwork Photographs Learning Journals, stories and scrapbooks So how do they work? We will include the list of learning themes and goals so you can access them at all times. Simply circle the appropriate theme and goal on the sticker and attach it […]

Have you seen the Mobile Phone & Camera Toolkit?

Product Description Keeping paperwork in order is essential to the smooth running of any business. Ensuring that you have permission for taking photos and ensuring that employees are aware of your rules for using mobile phones is important and ensures that children are protected.The Mobile Phone & Camera toolkit will aim to provide guidance on […]