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NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Visitors and Medicine Administration Record books – now available!

We are delighted to announce that we now have two brand new products available on the Early Years Shop.  Both products are record books; the Visitor Book and Medicine Book – Administration of Medicine Record. The Visitor Book ensures that you collect and maintain all the information required for visitors to your service and the Medicine Book ensures that the relevant information for administering medication is recorded and maintained for your service. Both products are A4 sized books, contain 100 pages and are securely bound. 

Visitor Record Book 

The Tusla Quality and Regulatory Framework 2018 Regulation 24: Checking In and Out Record of Attendance states that ‘You must ensure that all people entering the premises are authorised to enter and their details are documented’. This means that a daily check-in and check-out register for other parties other than a child attending the service, a person dropping off or collecting a child, an employee or an unpaid worker – must be in place on the premises. Each register must include space to record the following information; date, person’s name, their contact number, the reason for their entry, the name of the person who approved access (employee or unpaid worker details), the check-in time and the check-out time. Access to the service should not be granted until the register is completed by the person who is seeking access and until their details have been verified by a member of staff or an unpaid worker. 

The regulation also states that ‘the check-in and check-out register must be kept for one year from the date that it was created’. Our new Visitor Record Book has been created in accordance with the Tusla regulations and is essential for services to have in place to ensure compliance upon inspection. The book has 100 pages and enough space for 20 visitor entries per page and is securely bound to ensure that it can be kept for at least one year as per the regulation requirements. 

Medicine Book – Administration of Medicine Record

All Early Years Services must take the appropriate steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all children in their care. Some children attending a service may require medication due to an illness and therefore medicine administration is an important responsibility within every childcare service. The Medicine Administration Policy should state that a structured procedure for staff members to deal with any need to administer medication to a child is in place, that any medication required is administered safely, that all medications are stored correctly and out of reach of children and that thorough documentation and recording of any medication administered is adhered to. Staff members must record each time that they administer medication using an ‘Administration of Medication Consent Form’. 

A medication record form must be kept for each child to whom medication is administered. This record must include: the name of the child, a consent signed by the parents or guardians to administer each medication and a medication administration log that details the checks completed prior to administering the medication. Our brand new Medicine Record Book is now available to Early Years Services and meets regulation requirements, ensuring compliance in the event of an inspection. Each record contains three key sections; Consent, Record of Medicine Given and Outcome Record. Each book includes 100 records, and each record can be removed to be placed on the child’s file. For more information on both products go to The Early Years Shop (


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The Critical Importance of a Cleaning Regime in the fight against COVID-19

Many services are already open since the 29th of June with many more preparing to re-open at the end of August. It is the aim of all services to minimise the spread of infection for staff and children through the implementation of tight controls that reduce the transmission and spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. One of the ways that services will greatly help to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus is to ensure that cleaning regimes are 100% in order so as to protect staff, children and visitors. Thorough cleaning followed by drying will remove large numbers of  various germs, spores, bacteria and fungi but may not necessarily destroy the germs completely. Germs are spread through hands, breathing, sneezing, clothes, skin scales, food and kitchen areas, high risk areas such as bathrooms and high touch areas such as toys and computers/phones. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces more often – particularly high touch areas such as door handles, toys, desks, shared computers, phones etc. is most critical. 

A ‘Clean as you Go’ policy should be in place for all services to ensure that the number of germs and viruses such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus in the environment is reduced to a safe level. This can be done by ensuring;

  • Play surfaces are cleaned, rinsed and dried before use or when visibly soiled.
  • Routine cleaning is accomplished using warm water and a general-purpose neutral pH detergent.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions are always followed when using detergents and disinfectants with regard to the use of personal protective clothing and dilution recommendations.
  • Do not guess measurements and always use a measure. 
  • Extra measures will not kill more bacteria or clean better – it will damage work surfaces, make floors slippery and give off unpleasant odours.
  • Water is changed frequently as dirty water is ineffective for cleaning.
  • Disinfecting surfaces are then rinsed.
  • Toilets, sinks, wash hand basins and surrounding areas are cleaned when required at least twice daily.

At the Early Years Shop we now have two great new cleaning products available that are ideal for cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting all areas within your service. Klorkleen and Klorsept are very powerful, safe and come in tablet form, which makes it easy to use and store. Just drop a tablet into the correct volume of water, no mixing required. Both products are EPA and FDA registered and are considered safer and highly effective as a bleach replacement using 70% less chemicals. The active ingredient in both products is sodium troclosene (NADCC). While it does provide chlorine in the form of hypochlorous acid (HOCL) for sanitising and disinfection purposes, it is not a hypochlorite like chlorine bleach. The chemistry and mode of action of NaDCC is significantly different, producing a solution that is stable once diluted, particularly in the presence of organic contaminants. Studies have shown that HOCL has four times the anti-microbial killing power of hypochlorites (-OCL). 

The recommendation would be to use Klorkleen daily for the first and last cleaning and Klorsept to be used in intermediary cleaning during each day. They are cost effective and have a long shelf life. There is no risk of spillage or leaks and there is no major corrosive effect with the majority of materials. Klorsept is provided in a tub of 200 soluble tablets and Klorkeen in a tub of 150 soluble tablets. Stored correctly they both have a shelf-life of up to 3 Years.


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NEW – Portable COVID-19 Sanitising Products for use on-the-go!

We all know by now the importance of hand hygiene in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus. Both the HSE and WHO have advised that frequent handwashing with warm water and soap is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Just like a cold, coronaviruses are spread through droplets from a person sneezing or coughing and potentially, from a contaminated surface. As public health restrictions are lifted, social distancing, proper hand washing and respiratory hygiene is now more important than ever. We are now moving around a lot more which means being in contact with more people and we are touching many more different surfaces on a regular basis. As we move about it is not always convenient for us to wash our hands at a sink with warm water and soap. Hand hygiene gels and wipes are a proven alternative to hand washing with water. 

The Early Years Shop has just launched three great new portable hand hygiene products that can be used in situations where you are out and about and don’t have access to a sink. The Hand Sanitiser Gel Sachets (Hand Sanitiser Gel Sachets) and The Alcohol Sanitising Wipes (Alcohol Sanitising Wipes both come in individual single use sachets and are perfect to fit in any sized bag. These are ideal for providing a quick and easy solution to sanitise hands without water, which makes them ideal to use in any location and on any form of transportation. They can also be used to sanitise small surfaces, toys, shopping trolleys etc. 

The Portable Hand Sanitiser (Portable Hand Sanitiser Gel) is a gel with 75% alcohol and comes in a 100ml handy sized bottle that will easily fit into your bag (12cm / 4.5in). All three products are ideal for carers to have with them outside to ensure they can always keep their hands clean at all times. As they are all small and neat products they are easy to carry in a small bag or, with the sachets – even in your pocket! 


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Tuesday Story Time with Liz Weir: The Three Wishes

What would you do if a forest elf gave you three magic wishes? The first bit of advice is to be careful! Don’t wish for the first three things you think of or you’ll regret it.
Today we bring you another magical story from award-winning storyteller Liz Weir. We’ve delighted in bringing Tuesday Story Time to children for these last weeks. We hope you and the children have enjoyed them and hopefully someday soon you’ll be able to hear Liz tell one of her wonderful stories in person!