Use Dew Sanitise and Disinfect to Destroy Norovirus!

Dew Sanitise and Disinfect are proven to destroy the common Winter vomiting bug - Norovirus! As we head towards the Winter months different viruses and bugs may arise in various settings across the country. Norovirus is one of the most common ones - a stomach bug, also known as the Winter vomiting bug. It is called this as it is more common in Winter but it can be caught at any time of the year. This bug spreads very easily in places such as early years settings and schools. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant against the spread of Norovirus at this time of year.

Norovirus can be spread from close contact with someone who is infected or from contaminated food or water. Unlike COVID-19, Norovirus is often spread from contaminated surfaces or objects. Therefore, it is vital to have a strict cleaning regime in place to ensure that the virus is kept out of a service. This includes frequent handwashing and the cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces and objects.

Government advice states that alcohol based gels should NOT be used for hand sanitising in the fight against the Norovirus. Alcohol based sanitisers do not cut through the unique structure of the bug. However, Dew Sanitise and Dew Disinfect do kill the virus and can be used in the fight against this nasty virus!

Dew Sanitise and Dew Disinfect Products

Dew Sanitise (PCS 100572) can be used by staff members and children when it is inconvenient to access a sink. Dew Sanitise is a non-alcohol based product made from electrolysed water. It is 99.995% effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi and the Norovirus (Winter vomiting bug).

Dew Disinfect (PCS 100712) kills germs 30 times faster than bleach and is proven to kill 99.995% of bacteria, pollen and viruses, including the Norovirus. This product acts as an alternative to bleach and will be kinder on your floors, surfaces, kitchens and bathrooms! As Dew Disinfect is completely non-toxic and skin-friendly it’s a great product to use to clean toys between uses and is safe for use in food areas. Unlike bleach, Dew Disinfect is not harmful if inhaled and does not irritate the skin.

How does it work?

Dew products are made up of 99.84% water, salt (Sodium Chloride) 0.134% and FAC of 0.026%. FAC stands for ‘Free Available Chlorine’. In Dew’s case FAC is comprised of two components, Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite. Hypochlorous acid is a substance that the human body itself naturally produces in order to fight infections.

The Dew sanitiser and disinfectant are made by passing electrical currents through a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride) in a chamber fitted with a specially designed membrane. This process is known as electrolysis. When Dew (electrolysed water) comes into contact with bacteria the Dew molecules cause an imbalance on the bacteria cell surface, breaking down its defenses allowing the Hypochlorous Acid to render it harmless.

Dew Special Offers

We currently have some great special offers on Dew products on the Early Years Shop. This includes the following;

2 X 500ml Dew Sanitiser + 5L Refill + 65ml Pocket Sanitiser - This bundle is perfect for services who would like to give Dew a try. With a 5 litre Refill included that you can top up your 2 x 500ml bottles as and when required. It also includes a 65ml pocket sanitiser for use when you are out and about. This can also be refilled using the 5 litre refill.

5L Dew Sanitiser/Disinfect Refills (Buy 3 Get One Free) –This bundle offer will save you €18.75 as you receive one x 5 litre refill for FREE when you purchase three! This can be used to refill smaller bottles for sanitising/disinfecting around your service - one of our most popular offers on the shop!

500ml Dew Superclean + Hand and Body Foam + 5L Superclean / Hand and Body Foam Refill - If you would like to try Dew Superclean then this bundle is for you! Dew Superclean is a multi-use liquid soap replacement, providing gentle cleansing with excellent performance. Dew Hand and Body Foam is 100% biodegradable and a great alternative to shower gel for sensitive skin. Use the 5 Litre refill to top up your smaller bottles - a great way to cut down on plastics as well as getting great results!

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