500ml Dew Superclean + Hand and Body Foam + 5L Superclean / Hand and Body Foam refill

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We supply products to a variety of early years settings and homes. Some settings are bound by regulation in relation to hand sanitising/cleaning products used. Ensure you check out any compliance issues and public health guidance prior to purchase.

Dew products are registered by the Department of Agriculture.



Dew products work in seconds with 99.995% effectiveness killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Dew Hand and Body Foam is a multi-use liquid soap replacement, providing gentle cleansing with excellent performance. Dew Hand and Body Foam is 100% biodegradable and a great alternative to shower gel for sensitive skin.

Dew cleaning products are free from harmful chemicals such as alcohol, aldehydes, parabens, dyes and scents and are an eco-friendly alternative to other disinfecting products.

This bundle includes:

  • 500ml Dew Superclean spray – Gentle on surfaces for cleaning and disinfecting, free from harmful chemicals so safe for food preparation areas and toys
  • Hand and Body Foam – simple eco-friendly and skin-friendly hand and body cleanser, completely free from fragrances, colours and harmful or irritating chemicals
  • 5 Litre refill bottle – economical and eco-friendly, the 5 litre refill bottle can be used to refill both the Superclean spray and the Hand and Body Foam. Saving on plastic waste is good for the environment and your budget