Tuesday Story Time with Liz Weir: The Rainbow Fairy Story

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of teaching young children and creates a sense of wonder and magic about the world. Stories can be told about just about anything and can teach us about ourselves, others and the world around us. Storytelling is a unique way for children to learn about other cultures and to develop an understanding and positive attitude towards people from different cultures and lands. 

There are many benefits of storytelling for young children:

  • Storytelling inspires purposeful talking about the story and other things that may be triggered from the story.
  • Storytelling promotes reading and introduces new vocabulary to children
  • Storytelling improves the children's listening skills
  • Storytelling brings a sense of community to any setting
  • Storytelling engages children and helps them to concentrate on one task.
  • Storytelling helps to improve children’s memories by asking them about the story at a later stage.
  • Storytelling encourages the imagination and creativity of young children.
  • Storytelling teaches children about people and places from other cultures and lands.

Today's story from award-winning storyteller Liz Weir is about a fairy whose job it is to let the rainbow out of the rainbow box. But this fairy has a very nosy fairy neighbour who is going to get her into trouble. Listen in to hear what happens in this great weekly addition to The Early Years Shop and make sure you share it with the families of your children!

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