Tuesday Story Time with Liz Weir: The Magic Umbrella Story

It's Tuesday again and time for a new story from our favourite story teller, Liz Weir. Liz is an award-winning story teller from Northern Ireland who is delighted to share her story telling with children that are missing their early years setting and would like a story!

The Magic Umbrella story tells of an old lady who lives in the middle of a forest. On her way home one day it starts to rain and thinking she would get wet with no coat on she picked up an old umbrella that she found at a tree, to keep her dry. Little did she know that this wasn't just any regular umbrella - this one was full of magic! Share this lovely story with the parents of your service. A great story to evoke imagination while practising counting! 1, 2, 3, wheeeee!!!!



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