Tip of the Day – Parent Surveys

(Siolta Standard 3: Parents and Families and Standard 3 of the National Standards for Preschool Services Working in Partnership with Parents or Guardians.)

As we approach the end of June this is an ideal time to do a parent survey.

Getting feedback from clients is important and assists in the development and improvement in any service. Finding out how parents perceive your service can be enlightening and perhaps sometimes a little difficult. However in order to reflect on your service, to truly find out what parents think and importantly if they would recommend you to a friend you really need to ask those questions! With the information gathered you can move forward and develop your service into the future. Parental feedback will form a bigger part in the new Tusla inspection process when services become registered under the new Registration Model. Getting feedback and acting upon it will support this development. It also gives parents confidence in the service when they know they are being listened to.

Parent Surveys are part of the Parent's Pack on the Early Years Shop.

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