Thursday Tip: Share a Lovely Story with Children and Families in your Service

Maintaining strong supportive connections with families during the recent challenges is something service providers and managers should continue to do.  Many children are separated from services due to postponements of the ECCE programme. Using simple and creative ways of remaining connected can go a long way for families. This will also aid the transition back into the setting when the time comes.

If you are looking for ideas for keeping in touch with families at this time we have some great resources available on the Early Years Shop. This includes the Parent Communication Pack for Early Years Services during COVID-19 and the Learning at Home pack for a range of resources to help maintain lines of communication, connection and support. 

Canavan Byrne are delighted to introduce 'COVID, Callum and Grandad Rory'. This brand new free resource is aimed specifically at supporting Preschool and Junior Cycle school-age children and their teachers/families.  Written from the child’s perspective, the story explores the difficult topic of COVID-19 and how it has affected the lives and routines of young children.

The story navigates through the range of various emotions a child may experience with a view to helping them process those challenges through the wonderfully colourful, intimate and child-accessible medium of story-telling.  Let's not underestimate the knowledge and insight young children have into their surroundings and their abilities to understand and adapt with your support. It tells the story of Callum, who is three years of age and loves to climb trees.  He is missing his Grandad, his friends at school and trips with his Mummy to the zoo. 

Callum has learned lots of new skills but has lots of questions for his Mummy too. Mummy helps him understand why things must be this way, for a little while longer.  Callum learns about the power of the big shiny bubble and about a new magic potion. In the end, Callum realises that he is the true star of the story! We think this is a lovely story to share with families of children in your Early Years service, you can direct them here to watch the animated video and/or download the free story and email it to them!

Benefits of Reading Aloud to Young Children

Reading books aloud to children has many benefits for them. It can stimulate their imagination and it can help them understand the world around them. It also benefits their language and listening skills and it prepares them for reading themselves. It can also benefit the child's relationship with whoever is reading to them.  It creates a sense of togetherness, learning new things with each other and discussing them together. It is important to continue to read aloud to children even after they have learned to read themselves. Reading a story aloud to young children can also relax the brain. Bedtime stories have always been encouraged for this reason as it helps children to settle down and feel sleepy before bedtime. At school this can be done at a time where you are looking to calm children down or to focus on the hearing sense. Either way, no matter when you read to young children it will have positive benefits - so get those books out!!    


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