Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families now Available!

'Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities for Children and Families' is the third of four books by Irish Author Gillian Powell, M.Ed. We are delighted to announce that we now have this wonderful new book available to purchase on the Early Years Shop!

Gillian owned and managed a Montessori school in Bandon, Co. Cork for 32 years. This early years setting catered for over fifty children and the emphasis was always on outdoors education. Gillian has used her experience to pen this set of four wonderful books 'Thrive'. All of the activities included are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years of age.

The aim of Gillian's books is to support Early Years Educators and families when seeking to connect and engage with the outdoors throughout the year. Thrive Summer and Autumn have already proved to be very popular with Early Years Services. Services can now add to their outdoor nature resources with this wonderful Winter addition of the book!

Gillian Powell, M.Ed.

"Winter is challenging for children and families. It is all too easy to put on the fire and watch television. We know how that one ends, pent up energy and frustration and all of the family climbing the walls. My advice from thirty-two years as an early years teacher and a mother of five children is to get outside. It was a rare child who passed a puddle without jumping in it, and nothing beats the excitement of playing with ice and frost. Embrace nature in Winter and your children will be the better for it. Thrive Winter is full of engaging, easy activities for you to do with your children."

Gillian Powell, Author, Thrive Winter

Thrive Winter Outdoor Nature Activities Book Contents

The book includes over 60 pages of games and activities that can be done with children throughout the Winter months. This includes various activities around math, science, literature and language, well-being and mindfulness. It also includes a number of different Christmas activities with the aim to promote a more sustainable approach.

This is done using items that are found outdoors in nature to create wonderful pieces of artwork, Christmas cards and even some beautiful classroom decorations. It encourages services to use many natural items such as leaves, sticks and stones as part of the outdoor learning. Click the below video for a short glimpse of what is included in the latest book - Thrive Winter! Available now to purchase on the Early Years Shop!

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