The Wonder of Butterflies!

Explore the wonder of butterflies this September with Insect Lore's Butterfly Garden and wonderful complimentary products! This delightful product allows you to raise your very own caterpillars and watch them grow and transform into beautiful butterflies!

The Butterfly Garden includes all that you need to make a real life connection with caterpillars and butterflies. With the kit you receive a butterfly habitat with clear mesh (pop up), feeding pipette, full instructions and a voucher to redeem your first group of caterpillars (online). This experience can be repeated time after time with the children in your service, just by replacing the caterpillars in your butterfly garden.

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Raising your own butterflies from caterpillars takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Ordering your Butterfly Garden now gives you time to order your caterpillars to have them ready to go at the start of September. Once you place the order for your caterpillars they should arrive about one week from the stated dispatch date. Last date for ordering caterpillars is 15th September.

The Wonder of Butterflies - Making a Real Life Connection!

While you are waiting on your caterpillars to arrive you can begin the learning process about the different stages of the butterfly life cycle. Begin your theme by providing the children with various books, stories, charts, pictures, videos, props, games, songs and rhymes.

Where possible it is great to make a real life connection with the information being taught. This allows the children to engage directly, seeing the life cycle process happening in front of them. If you decide on a caterpillar or butterfly life cycle theme, the Butterfly Garden will greatly help to make that connection as the children experience the process of caterpillars becoming beautiful colourful butterflies! Here is a great video to get started!

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