Steady Teddy Go! Set of 6 Books Now €25.00 (Was €40.00)!

Steady Teddy Go is a set of 6 wonderful books telling the story of Teddy on his adventures! From visiting a farm to meeting a witch and a trip to town with Gran these books will certainly engage young children. The books were written by Irish educational company An Mála Mór who provide both Irish and English educational resources to early years services and primary schools throughout the country.

Each of the six books introduces new vocabulary and teaches English rhyming in a fun and educational way. Rhyming helps children to hear sounds in words which in turn is an introduction to phonics. These books make a great reading resource for any early years service and are now reduced from €40.00 to €25.00! The beautiful illustrations in each book encourage oral language, discussions and questions. At the end of each book there is a list of comprehensive questions that are the basis for hours of interaction with the children.

The Importance of Reading with Children

Reading with babies and children promotes brain development, encourages oral skills, develops language and emotions to name but a few! Encouraging reading involves not only reading books but also looking at picture books, telling stories, learning rhymes and singing songs. Babies and younger children particularly enjoy books that have good rhyming and repetition.

Books help children to explore the world around them as well as escaping to an imaginary world. There may not be many robots, fairies or dinosaurs in the community but there are plenty of them in books! Furthermore, book characters allow children to explore different sides to themselves. Encourage them to try new things while learning new words and improving their oral language.

Providing a library of books to children at your early years service is invaluable to them. Ensure there is a broad range of books and stories to cover different interests, cultures and ages. Allow children the time to explore the books and spend time reading aloud to them. Encourage parents to read at home with the children when they can - usually at bed time as part of their routine. If you are looking to add to your library of books then check out this great set of six books from An Mála Mór.

Steady Teddy Book Set Includes:

  1. The T.V. Show - Teddy lets his imagination go wild and goes on T.V. adventures.
  2. Teddy has fun with Gran - Teddy spends time with his Gran looking at all the different vehicles in town.
  3. Teddy shops with Mum - Teddy goes shopping with Mum and creates quite a stir in each shop he visits.
  4. Teddy and the Hungry Witch - Teddy goes on a Halloween adventure and observes a witch's trickery.
  5. Teddy visits the Farm - Teddy goes on a walk around the farm and meets and greets the farm animals.
  6. Teddy makes a Mess - Teddy is playing indoors and while having fun he causes a mess for his Mum.

Watch this video from author Kathryn Burns of An Mála Mór as she reads 'Teddy has fun with Gran'. For more information on reading you can visit Check out your own local library and arrange an outing with the children where possible!

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