Staff Posters: Essential Information to Post in Your Setting

Staff Poster Creator is a new product from the Early Years Shop that allows services to create staff posters for each member of the team. With this new tool you can ensure you have all of the staff members names, photos, roles and qualifications on display at all times. The tool allows you to choose a background (choice of 10 colourful options), upload the staff member’s photograph and your service logo.

Then you can add the staff member’s role (Assistant Manager, Manager, Key Worker, Fire Officer, COVID-19 Compliance Officer etc.), qualifications and experience. Staff names, qualifications and experience should be on display in your common area, foyer/noticeboard for parents/guardians and visitors to see.

The tool allows you to input any role if it is not already listed. If a staff member changes role or moves to a different room then the paperwork displayed must be updated to show this. These posters can be printed out on your own printer and hung where required at any Early Years Service. 

See the Staff Poster Creator

Office Tour - Preparing for Inspection (Early Years Services)

Have you seen the Office Tour FREE guide available for download on the Early Year Shop? This super guide was created by Canavan Byrne to help Early Years Services prepare for inspection. It aims to guide services on the paperwork that is required. It lists all of policies, procedures, records and forms that should be kept to ensure full compliance with childcare, health and safety and employment legislation.

In addition to the essential legal requirements it also highlights any additional paperwork that should be kept to ensure best practice and to provide clear information to staff, parents and those who may be inspecting your service. Services should use the Office Tour as a checklist to check current paperwork against the list. The guide is based on a full day care service and should be amended to suit your own service and the paperwork that would be required.

The guide outlines the documents that should be displayed in communal areas, classroom/care rooms and sleep rooms. Furthermore, it outlines the documents that services should have at the ready for the doorstep, centrally/in the office, classroom/care rooms and sleep room. It also outlines all documents that you are required to have in a filing cabinet including the child's record, the employee record, financial file and a funding file.

Early Years Resource Factory - A great first step towards compliance and best practice

The Early Years Resource Factory is an excellent place to start if you are looking to improve your attention to documentation and best practice. EYRF members get great discounts on all the policies, form packs and medical care plans we carry on the Early Years Shop (provided by Canavan Byrne, the Early Years experts). Our policy documents are provided in editable form with notes on how to make changes specific to your service.

EYRF members also get free access to the Staff Poster Creator, Christmas Card Creator, 2022 Calendar, Staff Roster, and many many more templates and printables on Members also get free access to all curriculum resources as they come out, including the recent Climate Change Awareness pack!

Sign up for the Early Years Resource Factory now! (Free trials also available!)

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