Safety in your Early Years Service – TIP OF THE DAY: Access and Egress

Ensure safety in your Early Years service. Employers must verify that employees, children and parents always have a safe access and egress to and from the service . This should be built into your Health & Safety Statement, which of course is a requirement of the Child Care 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016.

The following controls regarding Access and Egress should be in place to ensure safety in your Early Years service:

  • All materials and equipment will be stored safely as to avoid obstruction of any fire or safety appliance, fire-fighting equipment or emergency exits on the company premises.
  • Consider how access to be the building is monitored. Can parents let themselves in or do they have to be admitted by staff?
  • Do you have a system that monitors the door at busy times?
  • Employees/Parents should park in designated parking spaces. Parents should be responsible for their own children when in the car park area.
  • Children should not have access to the car park.
  • Parents should be requested not to admit anyone else into the service whilst entering or leaving unless they know them. Parents and staff should always check that all doors are securely closed behind them.
  • Staff will know what children are present and they will be adequately supervised in accordance with the recommended ratios.
  • Safety checks should be carried out regularly to ensure that no child can leave the premises undetected.
  • There should be a comprehensive Missing Child Policy in place

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