Resilience and Regulation: Topics of Two Important Webinars With Canavan Byrne Next Week

Learn to help children develop resilience and to regulate

On Wednesday, 15th November, we have two important webinars in which you can learn to make a difference for your children, or children in your care.

Life has many ups and downs. Resilience is key to help children bounce back from adversity. With resilience, children can develop solutions to problems, leading to self-confidence. Do you want to help your children be more resilient? Join Dr. Mary O Kane for expert tips in our Raising Resilient Children Webinar.

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children in your care? In this webinar, An Introduction to Trauma and Regulation, you will learn how children may present if they are traumatised, best practices to help children regulate and tools to help children navigate various emotions they may experience. Particular emphasis is given to self-care for educators working with trauma in Early Years Settings. Join Hayley Rice, who lends her expertise in this informative webinar.

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