Weekly Staff Roster Pack



Weekly Staff Roster Pack



Weekly Staff Roster has been created by Canavan Byrne to help services to record staff timetables accurately and within compliance. If you are looking to update your staff timetable then this product is a great option. Here are some questions that will help you determine if you are recording your roster correctly?

  • Does your roster include who is FAR trained and who is the PIC (Person In Charge)?
  • Does your roster account for all breaks and relief to rooms?
  • Have you updated it to account for pod formations?

A review of the staff roster is a key part of Tusla inspections and needs to include all of the above. The Early Years Shop is delighted to now offer a fully featured Weekly Staff Roster. This new format will ensure compliance on all of the above areas.

The Weekly Staff Roster pack includes:

  • Sample Word Document
  • Blank Word Document Template
  • Sample Excel Spreadsheet
  • Blank Excel Spreadsheet Template
  • Notes and Tips on a compliant staff roster

Available on EYRF

Did you know if you are an EYRF  member, you now have access to an automated online template version of the Weekly Staff Roster for FREE! Here you can quickly and easily enter your staff information and hours. There are two great benefits to using this template - you can copy days for each staff member which saves you a lot of typing. In addition, you can save your roster to your archive so it is easy to make any changes needed for the following week.

EYRF membership also gives you access to our Monthly Newsletter Creator for no extra charge. It also gives you access to all Curriculum Plan Packs, Family Notices, and an archive of our previously posted Friday Freebies. Sign up for EYRF now (or sign up for a no-obligation Free Trial).

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