Mother’s Day Resource Pack


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The Mother's Day Curriculum Planning Pack has been designed by childcare experts Canavan Byrne especially for use in Early Years Services. The pack includes 29 different activities, songs and printable that can be used in an Early Years Setting for a Mother's Day theme. All curriculum plans are designed to ensure that they are linked and coordinated with Aistear themes and Montessori areas. This helps to ensure that your service has a well balance curriculum.

In addition, the pack includes observation sheets for staff members for times when they are observing an individual child on a daily/weekly basis. Upon observation, staff members can then decide if there are any follow up activities that  can be done to aid the child in their own learning.

Mother's Day Curriculum Plans Include;

  1. Playdough Cakes for Mothers Day
  2. Mirror mirror on the wall
  3. Fork Tulips
  4. Helping Mammy
  5. Mother Says
  6. Mother's Day Tradition in Thailand
  7. What Does Your Mammy Do?
  8. Mother's Day in Different Languages
  9. Breaking News
  10. Whos Mummy
  11. Daya's Mum
  12. Are you my Mammy
  13. Greetings Granny
  14. Handprint Poem
  15. Little Seeds
  16. I love you because
  17. Look at me Mum
  18. Happy Mothers Day
  19. Mothers Day Messages
  20. The Flower Experiment
  21. Mother's Day Tea Party
  22. Mothers Day Card
  23. One Special Person and Me
  24. Five Minutes Peace
  25. Parents Morning
  26. Mothers Day Flower Pot
  27. Supermum Collage
  28. Showing Kindness
  29. Observations and plans

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Please Note: This is a downloadable product. Upon placing your order, you will immediately receive an email containing a link to download your product. Please be aware that this link has an expiration period of 180 days. Ensure that you download the product before the link expires!


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