Marfan Syndrome Care Plan


Marfan Syndrome is a genetic (inherited) condition that affects the body's connective tissues. Connective tissues provide support and structure to other tissue and organs.

The symptoms of Marfan Syndrome vary from person to person, as the condition can affect the connective tissues in different areas of the body. For example, it can affect:

  • blood vessels, causing damage to the heart
  • skeleton, causing long, thin limbs
  • eyes, causing the lens (the transparent structure at the front of the eye) to fall into an abnormal position (lens dislocation)

Some people are only mildly affected by Marfan Syndrome, while others develop more serious symptoms.

This Medical Care Plan contains:

  • What is Marfan Syndrome
  • Marfan Syndrome Pack Guide
  • Marfan Syndrome Care Plan
  • Marfan Syndrome Emergency Plan
  • Marfan Syndrome Sample Letter to Parents
  • Medical Consent and Administration Form
  • Medication Management
  • Medication Management for Afterschool
  • Health Pack Cover
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