Lark In The Park (Silver Award Winner 2014)

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Lark in the Park Music CD by Funky Feet Music is an award winning product! Includes tunes such as Hey you! can you? stamp your feet, bounce up and down, spin around, squeeze the dough. This helps with remembering the sequence, all whilst crossing mid-lines, building fine gross motor muscles, working on balance system, and practising hand to eye co-ordination. Lark in the Park is so much fun!

Lark In The Park Contents:

  • Funky Feet Music Manual will show you the words and suggested actions for each song.This guide will help you to encourage children’s creativity and active participation in music and movement. Includes 20 pages of instructions and comes in a clear plastic folder.
  • Each CD includes 20 Tracks as listed below;
          1. Hey You! Can you? (Gross Motor, Crossing Mid Lines)
          2. Nursery Rhyme Medley (HSKT, Polly/Kettle, Mary/Lamb, Speckled Frogs)
          3. Lark in the Park (Memory, Sequencing, Echo Singing)
          4. Grandpa Joe (Role Play & Physical Exercise)
          5. Pegging out the Washing (Role Play, Helping Out, Fine Motor)
          6. Throw your scarves up in the air (Positional Language, Making Shapes)
          7. Run on the spot (Gross Motor, Being Healthy)
          8. The Entertainer (Role Play, Balance & Co-ordination)
          9. Hop Little Bunnies (Gross Motor, Role Play)
          10. Country Dancing (Cowboy Role Play, Circle Dancing)
          11. Outdoor chores (Role Play, Helping In The Garden)
          12. Rockabilly play dough (Team Work And Fine Motor Exercise)
          13. I forgot my Hat (Winter Version)(Body Awareness, Memory, Sequencing)
          14. Greek (Instrumental) (Contrasting Movement, Parachute & Sharing)
          15. Five baby worms (Parachute, Counting, Eye Tracking, Fine Motor)
          16. On the Pogo (Reacting to Sound, Gross Motor, Role Play)
          17. Draw a shape (Shapes, Fine Motor, Team Work)
          18. Duck Says Quack Quack Quack (Animal Sounds, Memory & Sequencing)
          19. Ey Ey Yippee (Instrumental Playing, Contrasting Loud & Quiet)
          20. Wise Old Owl (Simple Language, Body Awareness & Relaxation)

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