Halloween Curriculum Plans



Our Halloween curriculum plans can be a wonderful part of your plans for the next weeks of October. As with all our curriculum plans, each activity is labeled with the relevant learning areas as well as Aistear themes and Montessori areas. The Halloween curriculum plans contain 40+ sheets of activities and printables. Make a magic spell, play Halloween-themed games, weave a giant spider web and many more!

This pack includes:

  1. Erupting Pumpkin
  2. Pumpkin painting
  3. Creepy hands
  4. Mini Pumpkin Toss
  5. Printable Spider Images
  6. Fine Motor Spider Web Activity
  7. Spider Web Balance
  8. Spider Themed Interest and Science Table
  9. Spider Races
  10. Play Dough Spiders
  11. Painting with Spiders
  12. Halloween Gloop
  13. Giant Spider Web Weaving
  14. Fun Facts About Spiders
  15. Printable Spider Catcher
  16. Counting Spiders
  17. Halloween Snack Time
  18. Peek a Boo
  19. Bring in a Torch
  20. Magic Spells
  21. Goop
  22. Explore Pumpkins
  23. Witchs Broom
  24. Creepy Ice Cubes
  25. Mummified
  26. Pumpkin Faces
  27. Halloween at Home
  28. Revolting Recipes
  29. Crazy Scientist
  30. DIY Dress Up
  31. Spooky Stories
  32. Pop Out Pumpkin
  33. Mummified
  34. Sticky Spider Webs
  35. Party Game: Nasty Knock Out
  36. Party Game: Get The Ghost Out
  37. Party Game: Booo-ling
  38. Bone Investigators
  39. Mummy Toys
  40. Miserable Jemima
  41. Invisible Witch
  42. Giant Spider Web