My Gratitude Journal for developing Mindfulness




My Gratitude Journal is an ideal resource for your afterschool programme. It is full of activities designed to help children, by expressing their gratitude, to develop a range of life skills. It will:

Please find some sample pages from My Gratitude Journal in our flip-book below
  • increase happiness and wellbeing
  • improve self-esteem and confidence
  • build relationships
  • help children develop a positive attitude and resilience

This journal can be used by each child or can be used by the educator for ideas, worksheets and activities. There are also instructions for simple yoga and mindfulness.

The importance of helping children develop empathy and pro-social behaviour is very topical with evidence to suggest that children who participate in such programmes are less aggressive and develop high levels of social/emotional competence.

My Gratitude Journal is a programme of activities for 26 weeks, establishing simple, fun acts of gratitude. Children love the activities and the stickers!

My Gratitude Journal is suitable for ages 5-10 years (not for preschoolers).