Edge and Corner Protection Kit


Note: The door guard included in this kit is not suitable for doors to classrooms that must be kept closed or locked as it prevents the door from closing. This door guard may be suitable for other areas such as sanitary areas.

The Bebe Earth corner guard set helps ensure that babies and young children avoid any injury from sharp corners on furniture or shelves within your classroom. The kit comes with 8 corner covers and 6.5 meters of edge guard for protection. The corner protectors can be used on any piece of furniture or hard surface in your classroom. The soft, foam cushion will absorb the impact of any contact with sharp edges. The kit also includes a fun animal shaped doorstop that will prevent slamming or pinching children's fingers. These products are safety certified and are free from BPA, phthalates and have added toxic fire retardants making them safe for your classroom.

Quantity: 8 Corner Covers, 6.5 meters of edge guard, 1 FREE door guard

Colour: Black


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