Developmental Observation Checklists for 5-6 Year-Old


New Developmental Observation Checklists for 5-6 Year-Olds! Just like tracking height and weight, tracking developmental milestones helps educators and parents see how children’s skills compare against typical growth and development benchmarks. This pack, newly developed by Canavan Byrne, includes complete checklists for developmental observations for 5 -6 year old. Parents and educators can use this to foster age-appropriate development of skills and watch for any milestones that may not be getting reached by these ages.

Developmental milestones are skills most children can do by a certain age. There are important milestones children achieve at each stage of life. Each child is an individual, so it is important to remember that a milestone checklist is only a guide for growth and development. Some children may achieve skills a little earlier and similarly some children may achieve skills a little bit later.
However, certain skills tend to develop within predictable age ranges. Knowing what to look for is key to knowing how a child is developing. Developmental milestones can help Educators & parents become aware of what skills are expected at what ages and acknowledge what the child is accomplishing – a first smile, a first step or a first word. The new pack from Canavan Byrne includes the necessary tools for services observing developmental milestones in children from 5 to 6 Years Old.

Developmental Observation Checklists Contents

This pack includes developmental checklists that can be used by both educators and parents for children from 5 to 6 Years.

They are divided into the following areas of development:

  • Play and Social Skills
  • Co-ordination
  • Self-Expression

The checklists clearly outline each milestone for parents or educators to check if it has been observed or not observed and make note of the follow up actions taken. Educators should talk to parents or guardians if they notice one or more of these signs of possible developmental delay. It does not necessarily mean that the child will not achieve this milestone or that they have a developmental delay. However, it is important that it is checked with a doctor for further guidance and/or support.

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