Paediatric Syncope Care Plan


Paediatric Syncope occurs when a child suffers a brief and sudden loss of consciousness. This can occur spontaneously, and causes may be (but are not limited to) dehydration, low iron, a change in blood pressure or blood glucose levels, or a breath-holding spell. Recovery from Syncope (commonly recognised as fainting) is often spontaneous too, with average episodes usually lasting seconds. Most episodes of Syncope are not indicative of a serious medical condition. However, it is vital that a care plan is put in place by management (available both staff working directly with the child and his/her parent/guardians) for a child who has suffered an isolated or clustered episode(s) of Syncope. It is also important that all carers can recognise the differences between seizure and syncope, possible triggers of syncope, and follow the steps outlined in this care plan.


  • Child's Record Sheet
  • Individual Care Plan
  • Information for Staff
  • Log of Paediatric Syncope Episodes
  • Log of Staff Inductions on Paediatric Syncope
  • Allergy Alert Notice and Cover Sheet
  • Sample Letter to Parents
  • Medical Consent and Administration Form
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