Early Years Shop Prizewinner in our December Facebook Share Competition

We are delighted to announce that Marie Rice McCourt of the Redeemer Creche & Playgroup, Dundalk is the winner of our December competition. Here she is pictured in the Redeemer Creche with one of the Happy Birthday buntings and the giant BIC colours pack. We would like to thank everyone for sharing the post about our popular Inspection Essentials bundles.

The promotion proved so successful that we have decided to keep the special offers available until the end of February. Along with the Inspection Essentials bundle (see details below) we are also including Learning Journey A3 scrapbooks for a special add-on price.

About the Inspection Essentials Bundle

Being prepared for inspection is one of the major priorities for the early years services we talk to. There are a few reasons why inspections are so high-priority. First of all, obviously every service wants to pass every inspection with flying colours. But it's also worth thinking about the fact that many of the criteria for inspection actually provide a good structure for ensuring that you have a safe, compliant service and that you are well-documented, protecting your service against future trouble following on from any current issues that haven't been dealt with properly.

Our Inspection Essentials Bundle is a really good place to start, with many of the tools you will need to establish compliance in the three key areas: Governance (staffing and accountability), Safety (safety and well-being of staff and children), Premises (building and grounds are safe and fit for purpose). The Inspection Essentials Bundle includes many essential form packs handling medicine authorisation and administration, first aid, child record form (GDPR compliant). The bundle also includes our jumbo Roll Book, compliant with the new requirement that every child is signed in and out every day, and our Accident and Incident book which you should use to create triplicate records of any accident (one copy for file, one copy to keep in the room, and one copy for the family).

Add on Learning Journey scrapbooks for a low additional price until the end of February!

The Learning Journey scrapbook is one of our most popular products. This is a lovely large-size A3 scrapbook with a clear pocket for the child's photo on the front and big blank pages to add observations, notes, paste in artwork, or whatever you want to make a record of to chart the child's journey through the year. A wonderful keepsake of the year in your early years service, and more importantly, a reminder of the child's experiences and progress. Until the end of February you can add these to your order of the Inspection Essentials Bundle for a discounted price.

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