Newly Updated COVID-19 Rescue Pack Available Now!

The COVID-19 Rescue Pack has been completely updated to coincide with the latest HSE and government guidelines for Early Years Settings. The Policy and Response Plan and other documentation has been re-organised and rewritten. This is based on the latest information and advice available as well as feedback from early years services.

In addition, all forms have been fully updated with cautionary notes and new information available. Documentation no longer relevant was removed and updates added to account for items such as vaccination, PCR testing and travel.

It is important that services returning for the new term engage staff members in refresher COVID-19 training. This can be done using the newly updated staff training materials included in the pack. This ensures staff are fully aware of any new changes as well as refreshing them on existing policies and procedures. Also included is a number of useful printable posters as reminders of best hygiene, social distancing and no congregating.

The COVID-19 Rescue Pack is a comprehensive library of resources to deal with all aspects of managing COVID-19 in your early years setting. This includes how to deal with inquiries from staff and parents and to meet practical day-to-day needs. The Rescue Pack helps to plan for and prevent critical incidents and to deal with any issues that do occur around COVID-19 infection. Below is a full list of everything included in the pack:

Updated COVID-19 Rescue Pack - What is included?

Policy & Response Plan - The main comprehensive policy document updated August 2021

Cleaning Schedules - Includes your General Cleaning Schedules and Advice documents, Daily Cleaning Checklists for areas such as offices, communal area and outdoors, record of sterilisation for mouthed toys, record of cleaning products used.

Risk Assessments - Includes COVID-19 Pregnancy Risk Assessment, Compromised Immunity Risk Assessment, Managers Morning Checks Record and other risk assessment logs for sleep area, outdoors and care rooms.

Staff Documents - Includes Addendum to employment contract, COVID-19 Incident Record, Return to Work forms,  and a COVID-19 Visitor/Contractor Questionnaire.

Staff Induction Training - Includes Staff Induction Checklist and newly updated Staff Induction Power Point Presentation

Parent & Child Documents - Includes forms such as Temperature Taking Permission Form, Parental Agreement Form, Pod Details and Return to Childcare Questionnaire.

SAC Agreement Forms - Includes sample SAC Agreement Forms between transport providers and primary school, breakfast clubs etc.

Guidance Documents - Includes guidance documents from the HSE on COVID-19, advice on overseas travel and a FAQ sheet.

Tusla Documents - Tusla documents for Early Years Services around COVID-19.

Posters & Display - Includes printable posters on cough and sneezing etiquette, hand washing, social distancing, pod entry and no congregating.

In addition to the downloadable printable posters, take a look at our Laminated A3 Wipe-Clean Posters with reminders of correct procedures for safety and hygiene for staff, parents, children and visitors to your service.

This pack is now available to purchase on the Early Years Shop. Remember if you are an EYRF member you receive 15% discount on all form packs and tool kits on the shop! Simply add your EYRF log in details when you are checking out to avail of your discount! Once purchased the pack will be emailed to you immediately for download. Once you have it saved to your laptop or PC you can begin to edit the policy to suit your own service requirements.

Did you purchase the original version of the COVID-19 Rescue Pack last year? If so you are eligible for a substantial discount on the new Rescue Pack - just contact us with your order number or details of when you placed your order.
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