COVID-19 Rescue Pack

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Updated September 2021

The latest updates to the COVID-19 Rescue Pack reflect changes in contact tracing protocols.

If you ordered the original COVID-19 Rescue Pack in 2020 and you haven’t purchased the new Rescue Pack, you are eligible for a substantial discount -please contact us with your order number or details of your order (date ordered and name of service). Contact us at or (01) 653 5008.


Due to significant changes in government guidelines and information around COVID-19, a full review of the COVID-19 Rescue Pack has been completed by Canavan Byrne. The new Rescue Pack has been completely updated and reorganised.

This newly updated pack provides you with all the paperwork required in line with the most recent government guidelines. The Policy and Response Plan and other documentation has been re-organised and rewritten. This is based on the latest information and advice available as well as feedback from early years services. This includes the latest guidelines around international travel, vaccinations, quarantine and the new Delta variant.

The pack includes all the paperwork you will need for staff, contractors, the children, parents and families. It includes forms and checklists, staff induction PowerPoint presentation, parent’s leaflet, and official Tusla forms. In addition, it includes a number of printable posters to hang around your service as gentle reminders to staff around hygiene, social distancing and congregation. Below is a full list of all documents that are included in the pack.

COVID-19 Rescue Pack Contents:

COVID-19 Policy and Response Plan Updated August 2021

COVID-19 Parent and Child Documents:

  • Parental Agreement Form
  • Pod Details
  • Temperature Taking Consent Form
  • Return to Childcare Questionnaire
  • Children Entering the Building Form
  • Medical Consent and Administration Form
  • COVID-19 Return to Childcare Questionnaire
  • Settling Children In Advisory Note
  • Parent’s Guide Leaflet

COVID-19 Staff Documents:

  • Sample Addendum to Contract
  • COVID-19 Return to Work Questionnaire
  • COVID-19 Visitor / Contractor Work Questionnaire
  • COVID-19 Incident Record (Staff)
  • HSE Info – At Risk People Returning Form
  • Return to Work following Non COVID-19 Illness
  • International Travel Return to Work Questionnaire

COVID-19 Staff Induction:

  • COVID-19 Staff Induction PowerPoint Presentation
  • COVID-19 Staff Induction Checklist

COVID 19- Risk Assessments:

  • COVID-19 General Risk Assessments
  • Managers Morning Check
  • Daily risk checks for: Care Rooms,  Areas, Outdoor Area, Sleep room, Sanitary Area
  • Compromised Immunity Risk Assessment
  • COVID-19 Pregnancy Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Tusla Documents:

  • Early Years Services Self-Assessment Checklist
  • Early Years Inspectorate COVID-19 Notification Form
  • Section 1: Prior to Reopening
  • Section 2: Practice Once Open

Guidance Documents

  • Overseas Travel
  • HSE Guidance for Services Providing Childcare Services
  • Similarity Differences Flu/Cold Versus COVID-19 Symptoms Table
  • COVID-19 FAQ August 2021

COVID-19 Cleaning Schedules:

  • General Cleaning Schedules and Advice
  • Daily Cleaning Schedule for Communal Areas, Sanitary Area, Outdoors, Care Rooms, Classrooms, Sleep Room, Office
  • Record of Sterilisation of Mouthed Toys
  • Record of Cleaning Products

SAC Agreement Forms 

  • Sample Agreement between Independent Transport Provider and Breakfast Club Provider
  • Sample Agreement between Independent Transport Provider and SAC Provider
  • Sample Agreement between Breakfast Club Transport Provider and Primary School
  • Sample Agreement between SAC Transport Provider and Primary School

Posters and Display

  • Cough and Sneeze
  • No Congregating
  • Handwashing
  • Social Distance
  • Wipe Your Nose
  • Pod Entry Display
  • Handwashing Song
  • Want to Blow Your Nose
  • 2 Metres Poster

This pack is a downloadable pack that will be automatically emailed to you after purchase. Download and save within 15 days. You can then edit the documents as required to ensure that everything is relevant to your service. Keep on file and print as needed over time. Remember any service who is a member of EYRF will receive a 15% discount on all form packs and tool kits, including The COVID-19 Rescue Pack Updated August 2021. Simply log in using your EYRF username and password when you are checking out to avail of your discount!

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