Inspection Tip: Partnership with Parents

Today's Inspection Tip is to give you a little guidance in complying with Síolta Standard 3 and work on creating a partnership with parents and families of children in your service - an essential piece of providing the best possible early years environment you can.

Síolta Standard 3: Parents and Families

Valuing and involving parents and families requires a proactive partnership approach evidenced by clearly stated, accessible and implemented processes, policies and procedures.

This standard has a component that promotes the use of both formal and informal opportunties to communicate and share information about the child within the setting (component 3.1)
It involves creating a welcoming environment where parents feel comfortable in giving and receiving feedback about their child’s progress. It involves integrating parents' knowledge and skill into the setting and helping parents understand their child’s learning and development.

This communication can be achieved through meetings and open days as well as involving parents in activities and events. Notice boards, newsletters, group texts, surveys and social media are also excellent ways of developing positive two-way communication between parents and the the setting.

You will find lots of tools on the Early Years Shop to assist you in valuing and involving parents including:

  • Our Monthly Newsletter Creator allows you communicate topical information to parents by putting together a professionally-designed customised newsletter. Every month we supply a variety of interesting content and you can easily edit and add in your local news and messages to parents. This helps professionalise your setting by having regular contact in a user-friendly and attractive format.
  • The Parents Pack including:
    • Enrolment Policy (Parental Agreement)
    • Parents Code of Conduct
    • Parent Exit Survey
    • Parent Satisfaction Survey
    • Registration Form
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