How to Keep Yourself and Children Active and Moving during Covid – 19!

Although we are currently confined to within 2km of our homes it doesn’t mean that we can’t get plenty of exercise and movement on a daily basis. There are many different ways to exercise without even leaving your house or garden! Children move around so much in their normal everyday lives and it doesn’t have to be much different while we are all at home. Exercise for children is important both physically and mentally and every different form will benefit them in one way or another. Physically, exercise strengthens children’s bones and muscles and develops their fine and gross motor skills. Mentally, exercise increases children's self confidence and belief in themselves as well as teaching them to have a positive attitude. Exercise is a great way to get involved and engaged with the children by taking part yourself and in turn you too are getting your daily exercise! 

Keep Yourself Active and Moving: Make it Fun Fun Fun!!

Exercise does not have to be a chore and here are some ideas on how to make it fun and engaging for everyone;

  • Take part in a daily challenge such as walk a mile, follow an exercise class (Joe Wicks) or try a new form of exercise such as yoga or zumba.
  • Make teams and play against each other (within your family unit)
  • Have a weekly theme such as Football Week, Yoga Week or Basketball Week. This is a great opportunity to set some daily challenges and learn about a new sport or form of exercise.
  • Use music to keep it lively and have a dance party. The children can take turns to pick their favourite songs and they will be exercising without even realising it!
  • Set up an obstacle course in the garden using hula hoops, skipping ropes, basketball hoops and any other props you may have in the garden. This is something you could keep in place for the duration of being at home and use as part of your daily challenge.
  • Give children ownership by asking them what exercise they would like to do and allow them to be included in setting daily challenges and making up fun games themselves.
  • If you are keeping in touch with the children you could do a Live exercise video on Facebook where everyone in the class could join in! Another great way to keep in touch with the children at this time while keeping active!

Keep Yourself Active and Moving: Exercise and Movement Resources 

There are many, many resources available online that you can use to help with keeping everyone on track and motivated during this stay home period. Make sure to change it up and keep it interesting to maintain interest and engagement. Here are some resources that you might like to take a look at for some ideas as you get moving during this time! 

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