My Gratitude Journal: New Product on the Early Years Shop (for afterschool children; ages 5 – 10)

My Gratitude Journal is a new, fun, 26-week journal with lots of activities, games, stickers and puzzles, all around the theme of identifying and recognising the things in life we should be thankful for. My Gratitude Journal promotes well-being, friendship, confidence, mindfulness and happiness!

Created by sisters Linda and Suzanne, My Gratitude Journal is fun and playful and full of "positive vibes".

From an educator's point of view, evidence suggests that children who participate in programmes of empathy and pro-social behaviour are less aggressive and can develop high levels of social and emotional competence.

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My Gratitude Journal is a great introduction to some of the principles of Yoga and Mindfulness with activities, games and stickers children love.

"This book is such a subtle fun way of introducing children to a positive self-image. I grew up having little confidence and low self-esteem and I wish I had been able to tap into a book like this and emerge with greater self-belief and gratitude. It will teach children at an early stage to believe in themselves, be happy in their own skin and be thankful for their lives. It should be in every classroom in this country and is a great addition to any household. The stickers at the back is a fantastic idea".
Brent Pope, Children's book author and charity worker

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