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A child's learning journal is a record of a child's learning and development during their time spent in your early years setting. Each learning journal aims to show what each individual child feels, knows and can do. This will be different for each child, making each and every learning journal special!

Every child has a very unique way of expressing themselves and also a unique way of learning. Each learning journal should reflect this. A learning journal is most certainly not about ticking boxes but instead a reflection of a child's 'big' or 'new' moments.

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A Learning journal should include items such as the following;

  • Artwork created by the child
  • Observations made by the child’s key worker
  • Photographs of the child carrying out tasks/activities
  • Snapshots of milestone or significant achievements
  • Quotes from the child
  • Comments from carers/parents
  • Various mark makings using different materials/patterns/lines/shapes etc.
  • Anything else you feel is part of the individual child’s learning journey

A Child's Learning Journey Books Available at The Early Years Shop!

At the Early Years Shop we have a wonderful learning journal: A Child's Learning Journey. Our learning journals are A3 sized and include a square plastic pocket on the front to put the child's photograph. There is also space on the front for the child's name.

On the inside cover of the journal is the full list of Aistear Learning Aims and Goals. This makes it easy for families to understand the references made for all observations in the journal. There are 20 A3 sized blank pages in the journal that can be used for all of the child's learning. These pages can be filled throughout the school year.

At the end of the year the book can be gifted to the child and their families. This is a great way for families to have a keepsake of all of the child's 'first' learning experiences before they continue on their learning journey to primary school! The book can be kept by families for many years to treasure those moments from the early years!

Aistear Stickers Offer with A Child's Learning Journey Books

If you are looking to purchase Aistear Stickers with your Learning Journey Books we currently have a special offer: Purchase 10 or more learning journals and save 40% on Aistear Stickers - only €10 (normally €17.50!) for 20 sheets of stickers (a total of 480 stickers)! Aistear Stickers are a great way to label observations, artwork and photographs! Order now while offer lasts!

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