It’s Here! The Covid-19 Return to Work Rescue Pack from Canavan Byrne

Canavan Byrne have done a tremendous amount of research and preparation putting together the paperwork you'll need to return to work and reopen your setting. For some that will be June 29th, for some later this year, but everyone has been anticipating this pack because everyone is in need of rescue with the documentation they'll need to return to work safely and in compliance with guidelines.

The pack has a great range of useful documents and materials including forms and policy documents, a Staff Induction Powerpoint presentation, a leaflet you can hand out or email to parents to guide them helping their children through the transition and official Tusla documents.

The pack includes paperwork you will need for staff and contractors, the children, parents and families, including an essential addendum to the Staff Contract that should be signed by every staff member before returning to work.

This pack is provided as a digital download. After purchase you will download, edit as required to make sure all details are relevant to your service, and then keep forms on record to print as needed.

Other Preparations for Going Back to Work

We have a great range of Covid-19 Back to Work products to prepare your service with child-friendly social distancing floor stickers, laminated hand washing guides, sanitising stations and hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, masks (including KN95 disposable masks and eco-friendly washable 3-ply cotton masks).

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