Assessment and Observation Made Easy with Aistear Stickers!

Assessment and observation is made easy with Aistear Stickers! Do you and staff members spend too much time documenting observations? Are you writing out Aistear Themes, Learning Goals and Aims for each assessment? Could you be using that lost time to carry out other tasks? With our popular Aistear Stickers you will be able to do just that!

These stickers were created as a result of feedback from Early Years Educators who wanted an effective solution that would allow them to carry out observations and assessments more efficiently. The main aim was to eliminate the time consuming task of writing out the various Themes, Learning Goals and Aims of the Aistear framework for each observation!

The Ongoing Process of Assessment and Observation

Educators constantly gather information on individual children through daily interactions with them. Part of the process is to record the children's learning. This can be anything from a mental note, a written note, a comment or story, a video recording or photograph! Educators also look for evidence of progress across the four Aistear Themes and information gathered is used to further progress each child.

The Aistear frameworks states that:

Aistear Stickers : How Are They Used?

To use Aistear Stickers educators simply pick the required Aistear Themed sticker (Exploring & Thinking, Communicating, Identity & Belonging or Well Being). The required aim and learning goal is circled before being placed on the child's work. The list of Aistear Themes, Learning Goals and Aims should be close to hand at all times as a reference point. The stickers can be used to label any of the following work as part of assessment and documentation;

  • Aistear Assessments/Observations
  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Learning Journals, Scrap Books, Stories

Remember parents will not understand the Aistear Framework like educators so it is important to ensure a copy of the Aistear Learning Themes, Aims and Learning Goals is included with the child's work before it is sent home. Our standard set of Aistear stickers comes in a pack of 20 sheets with 480 stickers in total – 120 stickers for each of the four Aistear Themes. We also have a double, triple and a bumper 6 discounted pack for services with a number of classes. Tá siad ar fáil as Gaeilge freisin!

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