Assess Risks for Children with Weakened Immune Systems with this Week’s Friday Freebie

Immunodeficiency Disease or compromised immunity disorders disrupts the body’s ability to fight virus and bacterial infections. This type of disorder makes someone more susceptible to catch viruses, such as COVID-19. Canavan Byrne has devised an assessment form that can be filled out ahead of the commencement of care by a designated person (Service Management) with the help of the child’s parent/guardian/carer or GP.

By providing the Risk Assessment form the child’s parents and GP can outline what the risk is to the child and a designated person (Service Management) can outline what extra measures are to be put in place to support the child in order to minimise the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other viruses. These extra measures can include a Key Worker, Additional Staff (AIM Support), Reduced-Pod number or Additional Staff Training (if required).

The form has space to include who the assessment was carried out by and the date it was done, along with space for all of the child’s details. The Risk Assessment Form is in Word format so that it allows you to edit the document online to include your own service name and contact information and also to send directly to the parents from email if and when required. For further risk assessments related to COVID-19 you can purchase the COVID-19 Return to Work Rescue Pack for Early Years Services. This comprehensive pack includes your COVID-19 Policy and Response Plan along with Cleaning Schedules, Risk Assessments, Staff Forms and Parent and Child documents that are required for the reopening of your service.


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