Use Medical Care Plans to Document Your Commitment to Health and Safety for the Children in your Early Years Service

Document Your Commitment to Health in Your Early Years Service

The child’s health and well being must be at the forefront of the service provided by Early Years practitioners. Before all other considerations, families depend on a safe early years environment and particularly that if their child has any individual health issues all staff will be aware of the correct protocols and procedures.

It is critically important that your service have policies in place to ensure the health and well being of each child. Some of these policies may include a Healthy Eating Policy, Infections Control Policy and Medicine Permissions Policy. What if you have a child attending your service with a medical condition such as diabetes or a nut allergy? Or what if you have a child with a more serious condition such as Long QT Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis? If so, you should have a medical care plan in place and this should be authorised by the child’s parents/guardians and a medical practitioner. Having clear policies in place ensures your staff will be able to manage medical issues consistently and is also beneficial in case of inspection.

What is a Medical Care Plan?

Early Years practitioners need to be confident that they know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. If you have a child in your setting who has a medical condition then you need to have a specific plan in place to allow you to deal with any emergency that may arise. The care plan allows you to be prepared for this. The care plan is filled out by parents so that you are aware of all the details of a child’s condition and the medicine that you may need to administer if the need arises.

Medical Care Plan Mega-Bundle Now Available

Available now as part of our new Medical Care Plan Mega-Bundle Promo pack are 25 different medical care plans for your service to use if and when required. Each medical care plan pack includes a care plan, emergency plan, sample letter to parents, medical consent and administration form, medication management form, and medication management form for afterschool services. Individual Medical Care Plans are also still available for purchase for each of the 25 different medical conditions covered.

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