Title: Updated Summer Curriculum Plan with 30 Activities

We have updated our Summer Curriculum Plan with 8 new activities. Choose from 30 activities to build a great curriculum next week! Jelly Fish Fun, Bubble Bouncing, Make Your Own Chalk, and many more. Early Years Resource Factory members get access to all new curriculum plans as soon as we create them as well as free access through the year to all of our curriculum plans.

Or purchase individual curriculum plans through the Early Years Shop whenever you like. Remember that we provide activities as a starting point but that it is your responsiblity as an early years educator to promote child-led activity as well as structured pre-determined activities. Our curriculum plans help provide a well-resourced environment. Your service should also have a Curriclum Statement. For more information on this, see the NCCA Guide to Curriculum and Your Curriculum Statement.

Remember that we also have a Ramadan curriculum plan available through the Early Years Resource Factory which you will also receive for free with any purchase of €50 or more from the Early Years Shop until 10 June.

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