Tip of the Week- The Lundy Model

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  requires Governments to ensure that Children’s rights are respected. Among these rights is the requirement to have children’s views received an respected, particularly around decisions that impacts children. Professor Laura Lundy, of Queen’s University, Belfast, developed The Lundy Model. The model is used by organisations that involve children, to implement children’s right to participation.

There are a number of things to consider, as outlined in the Lundy Model, and by Professor Lundy. Firstly, enabling a child’s voice to be heard is not enough. It must be heard and respected by decision makers. Also, enabling a child to express their opinion does not mean that input from adults, for example, children’s parents/guardians or Early Years Educators is not required. Their guidance may be required to ensure that the end result is what’s best for the child.

At Canavan Byrne, we have developed a short eLearning course: Introduction to the Lundy Model. The course explores the model in more detail and provides tips on how organisations can implement the model. The course is available here:


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