Tip of the Week- Manual Handling and Fire Safety

April 28th marked World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This is a very important topic in all employments. Early Years Educators and Managers and School Age Care Managers and Practitioners perform a physically demanding role. They regularly perform manual handling activities such as lifting children, play equipment, furniture, kitchen equipment and so on. Manual handling training is mandatory and employees should receive training every 3 years. However, it is natural that in a busy workplace environment, bad habits can set in. To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work, our tip of the week explores the basic but essential tips for Manual Handling and Fire Safety.

Manual Handling

The golden rule of manual handling is to bend your legs and not your back. The purpose of muscles in the spine is to support one’s posture. These muscles are not suitable for lifting external loads. When lifting external loads, one should use the muscles in their legs. To do so, get into a ‘squat like’ position prior to lifting the load. Keep your back straight, and lift using the muscles in your legs.

Fire Safety

The Health and Safety Authority state that the best way to deal with fire is to prevent it. To prevent fire, keep flammable materials away from sources of ignition. For example, keep open flame candles away from curtains, keep tea towels away from hot ovens/stoves, keep smoking areas free of rubbish.

As mentioned previously, health and safety training is mandatory. At Canavan Byrne, we offer Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Fire Marshal Training, Food Safety Awareness and Food Safety HACCP Level 2 as self-paced, e-Learning courses, meaning that participants can log on at any time, from any location and complete training at a pace that suits them. This is particularly useful for services facing staffing difficulties. We also provide these courses onsite at your location, if you prefer that type of training.

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