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Thursday Tip: Quick Guide to Isolation provided by the HSE

The Canavan Byrne team is receiving a large number of enquiries about the COVID-19-related guidelines for when to self-isolate/restrict movement. The HSE/HSPC have provided a Quick Guide to Isolation that is very useful in this regard and services should have it close to hand at all times. The Quick Guide outlines each category of person (confirmed infected, household member of confirmed infected, etc.) and the guidelines on what restrictions should be taken, from no change to using extra caution to complete isolation, and for what period.

What to do with the Quick Guide to Isolation:

  • Display in each care room
  • Keep by the phone
  • Distribute to parents and staff
  • Add as an appendix to your COVID 19 Policy & Response Plan

Quick Guide to Isolation added to the COVID-19 Return to Work Rescue Pack

We have now added the Quick Guide to Isolation to the COVID-19 Return to Work Rescue Pack – we have converted it to Microsoft Word format so it can be easily added to your policy. If you have already purchased the Rescue Pack you will receive an email update today with a link to the Quick Guide so keep an eye out! The Rescue Pack is our most popular form pack to date, with comprehensive policies and forms to ensure safe, compliant procedures around infection control in your service (particularly for controlling spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus).